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Hi! This is Ann and Gar from 2gethersomewhere! Ann is from Thailand and Gar is from America. Gar had lived in Europe after college, and then moved to SE Asia for a job. When he was living in Thailand he met Ann and they fell in love. They decided to get married and eventually settled in Florida, USA. However, it wasn’t long before the travel bug hit both of them. Ann missed her family in Asia, and Gar missed both Asia and being on the road in general. So, they started 2gethersomewhere, initially to share with you their travels around the USA and overseas, and we’ve been growing ever since!

We hope you will subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Instagram at: 2gethersomewhere. We already have 18 videos about our travels in the USA, and will be adding many more videos this year as we expand our travels globally. We hope you will join us during our travels by watching all of our videos and by introducing yourself to us on Instagram. We always return DMs and comments!

We hope you will become part of our International family by following us on our travels!

“We loved watching your videos! Thanks so much for bringing a smile to our day!” M.F.

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