Palm Beach, Florida

One of the most beautiful towns in Florida is Palm Beach, with its huge mansions, sculpted gardens and upscale shopping districts. In 2017 Palm Beach had at least 30 billionaires, and the town ranking as the 27th-wealthiest place in the United States. Many famous and wealthy individuals have resided in the town, including United States presidents John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump. The town has 6 major attractions I’d like to discuss below.

1) Mar-a-lago, President Trump’s Winter White House which also serves as a private country club. Built in 1927 by Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress to the Post cereal fortune. When she passed in 1973, she bequeathed the property to the US National Park Service, hoping the property would be used for State Visits or as the Winter White House. However, the property became so expensive to keep up that the US Govt returned it to the Post foundation in 1981. It was purchased by Donald Trump in 1985 for about $10 million, and now serves as his Winter White House.

2) Worth Avenue: The “Rodeo Drive” of Florida. This has been an upscale shopping district in Palm Beach since the 1920s. In the back of Worth Avenue is the Everglades Club, an exclusive family country club which was built in 1918. Another upscale shopping area worth noting is the Royal Poinciana Plaza.

3) Henry M. Flagler Museum: Henry Flagler was an American Industrialist and a founder of Standard Oil, who built a mansion in Palm Beach named “Whitehall” in 1902. After his death in 1913, the property was turned into a 300 room hotel. And then in 1960, the property was repurchased by the family and turned into a museum. This is the largest and most iconic museum in Palm Beach and is a must-see for art lovers! In addition to having many different exhibits, the original Flagler art collection is still on display.

4) Breakers Hotel: Founded in 1896 by Henry Flagler (the father of Miami and Palm Beaches). This hotel remains one of the most beautiful and iconic hotels in Florida, if not the USA. See our video.

5) Peanut Island: This is a man-made island in the Port of Palm Beach with swimming, snorkeling, picnic tables and camping and also the famed JFK Bunker/bomb shelther. See our video! 6) Society of the Four Arts: We missed this attraction during our tour because it was closed due to the Carona virus. It’s a non-profit charity organization established in 1936. And contains an art gallery, a concert hall auditorium, two libraries, a botanical garden, and a sculpture garden. The two libraries serve as public libraries for the town of Palm Beach, This is the sixth Palm Beach attraction you won’t want to miss during your visit!

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